Bath time is a great bonding experience for you and your child and should be a time of relaxation and play. Our baths, bath supports and accessories are here to keep everyone safe, comfortable and smiling during bath time. Ensuring that baby is safe and comfortable during bath time leaves you to enjoy the little things.



Bath Tub – White
Bath Tub – White 056108-003
Ezi Bath Support – White
Ezi Bath Support – White 055283Y-003



Flow N Fill Spout
Flow N Fill Spout 40116
Musical Duck Race
Musical Duck Race 40138
Spin N Sort Spout Pro
Spin N Sort Spout Pro 40141
Stack N Spray Tub Fountain
Stack N Spray Tub Fountain 40115
Submarine Spray Station
Submarine Spray Station 40139
Submarine Spray Whale
Submarine Spray Whale 40142