Playset - Prince
Playset - Prince
Playset - Prince
Playset - Prince
Playset - Prince
Playset - Prince
Playset - Prince

Playset - Prince


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Eye-Hand/Foot Coordination – When your baby lies on his back, hang the rattle on your gym arch to encourage batting and develop eye-hand/foot coordination. If necessary, add extra rings as an extension to hang the rattle within your baby’s batting reach.
Developing Muscles and Eye Focus – When your baby is on his tummy, shake the rattle slightly above her to encourage lifting her head to locate the sound. This will help strengthen her head and neck muscles. Shake the rattle in front of your baby’s face to attract attention and develop eye focus at young age.
Texture Exploration – Let your baby explore the many texture of the play set through touching and mouthing.
Story Time – Make your own fantasy stories using the prince doll as the main character. You baby may not understand your words but he will love the attention and the tone of the voice.


  • A gift set of 3 royal pieces.
  • Princess and scepter rattles feature multiple textures, chewy crowns, crinkly cloaks, sliding beads and a rattle.
  • Easy grab royal scepter features multiple textures, colourful rattle beads and a teether handle perfect for soothing teething pain.
  • Includes a Yookidoo® Fun Link to attach almost anywhere.


  • Suitability: 0 - month +
  • Product Dimensions: L: 130mm x W: 30mm x H: 120mm
  • Weight: 0.12 kgs


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