Baby Bunny Cuddle Bunny 15cm
Baby Bunny Cuddle Bunny 15cm
Baby Bunny Cuddle Bunny 15cm
Baby Bunny Cuddle Bunny 15cm

Baby Bunny Cuddle Bunny 15cm


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This bunny from the Baby Bunny collection loves to play. This beige cuddly toy always stays with you and loves to go everywhere with you. Go from adventure to adventure with her. Or let her happily hop around the house. The bunny is made of wonderfully soft materials, which makes her incredibly friendly and cuddly. Length 15 cm.

  1. Playful Companion: The bunny is described as a playful companion that loves to go on adventures and explore alongside children. Whether it's accompanying them on imaginative journeys or simply hopping around the house, this bunny adds a touch of joy and fun to playtime.

  2. Soft and Cuddly: Made from wonderfully soft materials, the bunny is incredibly friendly and cuddly, making it an ideal comfort toy for children. Its soft texture enhances the tactile experience, providing comfort and warmth during cuddle time or naptime.

  3. Perfect Size: With a length of 15 cm, the bunny is sized perfectly for little hands to hold and carry around. Its compact size makes it easy for children to take their beloved bunny everywhere they go, fostering a sense of companionship and security.


  • Age from: 0+ months
  • Packaging: 6/90 pcs
  • Made in: China


  • Size Outer Carton: 40 x 40 x 40cm

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