Gymotion Circus Playland
Gymotion Circus Playland
Gymotion Circus Playland
Gymotion Circus Playland
Gymotion Circus Playland
Gymotion Circus Playland
Gymotion Circus Playland

Gymotion Circus Playland


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This 3-stage circus-themed activity gym with a motorized 2-in-1 Magical Mobile, tummy-time pillow, and hanging, spinning merry-go-round are perfect for your baby’s first year – laying on their back in the early months, through tummy-time, then sitting up. It ignites big-top curiosity and fun with adorable accessories, a unisex design, and bright retro color scheme.

  • A 3-in-1 circus themed gym with many accessories. It has two plush figures - a funky monkey and a sweet elephant, a merry-go-round, and a large baby-safe mirror which can be hung or propped up on the mat.

  • The motorized 2-in-1 Magical Mobile is fit for multiple stages of your baby’s development.

  • Lay and Play - Position the mobile’s track between the arches. Attach the accessories to the arches or to the mobile suspended above your baby. As the mobile drives between the arches, its movement will naturally have the accessory connected to it rotating around itself. Maximize this stage when your baby lays on their back, by placing your baby perpendicular to the mobile’s track above– and then at a later point, parallel to it to further expand their field of view.

  • Tummy-Time - Attach the mobile’s track to the mat. Put one of the figures atop the motorized mobile as it drives from side to side, encouraging your baby to look up. Prop your baby up with the joyful, double-sided, big-top-tent, tummy-time pillow.

  • Sit and Play - When your baby begins to sit, promote independent play time by separating the arches from the surface, enabling your baby to comfortably sit and play with the mobile connected to the mat.

  • As the motorized mobile rides, it will play either stimulating or relaxing music for ten minutes before going silent. It can also be in mute mode.

  • Easily open and close the mat into the self-contained carry case for storage or for travel, maintaining its hygiene and cleanliness as it folds inwards. The mat is 39.4x27.5 inches (100x70 cm) and has semi-automated security locks.
    • Product Weight: 1.99kg
    • Suitability: 0-12 months 
      • Product: L: 995mm x W: 700mm x H: 550mm
      • Carton Display: L: 555mm x W: 115mm x H: 535mm
      • Master Carton: L: 545mm x W: 575mm x H: 470mm

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