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As with all warranties you will be required to retain a copy of your receipt for proof of purchase for all product replacements or repairs. CNP Brands needs this information to verify where and when your purchase was made. Please have your receipt on hand when you call or email our Customer Service line.

  • Please retain your proof of purchase in your product booklet.

  • CNP Brands does not disclose any personal contact information provided on this form for use by a third party, in compliance with the National Privacy Act and relevant Anti Spam Act. CNP Brands may retain your details for future marketing purposes and communications including electronic: CNP Brands Privacy Policy

  • If you have any further comments / suggestions, please email us at info@cnpbrands.com.au

    Please note that this is for registering your product for warranty ONLY. If you have a faulty item or query regarding technical issues, please contact our Service Department on 1300 667 137 or on info@cnpbrands.com.au. Operating hours are from Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm.