The Milkbar® has been developed to find an easier, more comfortable way to feed your baby. It’s compact, the portable design has a carry handle, and is super easy to wash. The stylish Milkbar® lifestyle pillow has a 100% cotton cover and is made with 100% new hypoallergenic polyfill for comfort.

Milkbar nursing pillows are award-winning and RISA (Reflux Infant Support Association) endorsed. Designed higher at one end so the baby’s head is at breast height when breastfeeding, Milkbar feeding pillows help to reduce reflux
symptoms, back pain and shoulder strain while breastfeeding.

Ideal from day one in your pregnancy, Milkbar® is the lifestyle pillow that you will use again and again. As well as being a feeding/nursing pillow, Milkbar is a pregnancy pillow that offers excellent support, without taking up all of the room in the bed. It can also be used for years to come to encourage posture or make long travel trips more relaxing.