Company Update

Dear Valued Customer,

At CNP Brands we have a strong desire to continue to support and provide product to our customers and consumers, our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our staff, our customers and our community.

We thought it was timely to communicate with you due to the evolving concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19).  As an important customer to CNP Brands, we ask that you continue to communicate with us, as we will with you, and that you work closely with us to minimise disruption to operations or supply of product to you.

As part of the CNP Brands’ risk management we have put in place plans and new procedures to mitigate and manage disruptions to our operations, as well as to protect our customers, consumers, staff members and their families which is our highest priority. 

Commencing this week, the majority of our staff will be working from home as a pre-cautionary measure.  All employees have been briefed and provided guidelines in regard to COVID-19, and they have a clear understanding of their responsibility during this time. 

These are unprecedented times and we will strive to continue to provide uninterrupted service for all our customers’ needs.  We understand the need to keep expecting parents informed on products given they may wish to avoid shopping centres at this time, we are here to help and offer our product expertise.  At CNP Brands we are well equipped to maintain our customer contact whilst working offsite.  

We remain available via phone, email and social media.  Although to ensure continuity of support to all our customers and limit disruptions we advise the most efficient contact method is email, as we will have a limited phone service.

Until further notice please use the emails as follows.

We will continue to take direction and advice from the Australian Government including the Department of Health while monitoring the evolving situation and adapting our response as needed.

Thank you for your understanding during this time, we look forward to being able to provide the same CNP service as always. 

Do not hesitate to contact us.


The CNP Team