Little Farm Cuddle Chicken 17cm

Little Farm Cuddle Chicken 17cm


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Cluck, cluck, cluck! This chicken loves to play. She likes to stay with you and can go everywhere with you. Also, make sure to meet the friends of this lovely chicken: the cow, the sheep, the pig, and the goose. Together they have adventures on the farm. This little chicken is made of wonderfully soft materials, which makes her incredibly friendly and cuddly.


  1. Versatility: The chicken toy is described as being versatile and adaptable, able to accompany children wherever they go. This suggests that it can be easily integrated into various play scenarios, whether at home, during travel, or on outdoor adventures.

  2. Soft and Cuddly Materials: The description highlights that the chicken is made from wonderfully soft materials, emphasizing its plush and cuddly texture. This feature ensures that the toy is not only friendly and inviting but also provides comfort and warmth during cuddle time.

  3. Farmyard Adventure: The chicken toy is part of a larger farm friends collection, indicating that it is designed to be part of imaginative farmyard adventures. This feature suggests that children can engage in creative play scenarios, such as role-playing farm life and exploring the interactions between different animal characters.


  • Minimum Age: 0+ Years
  • Product Weight: 0.1 kg


  • Product size: 100 x 180 x 180 mm

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