Little Farm Cuddle Cow 17cm
Little Farm Cuddle Cow 17cm

Little Farm Cuddle Cow 17cm


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Mooooo! This cow loves to play. She likes to stay with you and can go anywhere with you. Be sure to also meet the friends of this sweet cow: the chicken, the sheep, the pig, and the goose. Together, they experience adventures on the farm. This little cow is made of wonderfully soft materials, which makes her incredibly friendly and cuddly.


  1. Playful Nature: The cow toy is described as loving to play, suggesting that it is interactive and engaging for children. This feature implies that the toy can entertain and accompany children during playtime, fostering imaginative adventures and creative storytelling.

  2. Part of a Farmyard Group: The cow toy is part of a larger group of farmyard animal friends, including the chicken, sheep, pig, and goose. This feature highlights the toy's compatibility with other toys in the collection, allowing children to create cohesive farmyard scenarios and explore the dynamics of animal friendships.

  3. Soft and Cuddly Materials: The cow toy is made from wonderfully soft materials, emphasizing its plush and cuddly texture. This feature ensures that the toy is inviting and comforting for children to hold and cuddle, providing a sense of security and warmth during playtime and bedtime.


  • Minimum Age: 0+ Years
  • Product Weight: 0.1 kg


  • Product size: 175 x 120 x 180 mm

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