Little Farm Gripping Ball
Little Farm Gripping Ball

Little Farm Gripping Ball


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Try to grab the ball! This gripping ball with its interesting shape provides a great challenge for your little one. The surfaces with different textures and patterns invite to grip and explore. The ball is easy to pick up for small hands and the cheerful sound of the rattling bell rewards your baby’s effort. On the beautiful Little Farm decoration, the easily gripped different fun labels will stimulate the senses, develop grip, and keep your baby busy in the playpen.


  1. Interactive Shape: The gripping ball is described as having an interesting shape that provides a challenge for babies. This feature suggests that the unique shape encourages exploration and engagement, stimulating curiosity and problem-solving skills.

  2. Textured Surfaces: The ball features surfaces with different textures and patterns, inviting babies to grip and explore. This tactile stimulation enhances sensory development and encourages sensory exploration, fostering babies' cognitive and motor skills.

  3. Auditory Stimulation: The ball includes a rattling bell that produces a cheerful sound, rewarding babies' efforts to pick up and interact with the ball. This auditory stimulation adds an element of fun and excitement to playtime, encouraging babies to engage with the toy and continue exploring its features.

Overall, the gripping ball from the Little Farm collection offers a combination of interactive play, tactile stimulation, and auditory rewards, making it an engaging and stimulating toy for babies to enjoy in the playpen or during playtime.


  • Minimum Age: 0+ Years
  • Product Weight: 0.1 kg


  • Product size: 115 x 115 x 110 mm

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