Little Farm Playpen Activity Book
Little Farm Playpen Activity Book
Little Farm Playpen Activity Book

Little Farm Playpen Activity Book


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Come play in the playpen! Let your little one explore with the Little Farm activity hanger. Feel the different labels on the barn and take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Do you hear a crinkle in the wings of the chicken? Give the watering can a push and you'll hear the rattle automatically! This fun activity hanger stimulates your baby's hand-eye coordination. Simply attach the hanger to the playpen or crib in the right position using the cotton strings. Interesting for your baby to look at in the first few weeks, but even more fun to play with from tummy time


  1. Interactive Play Features: The Little Farm activity hanger offers various interactive elements such as different labels on the barn, a mirror for self-discovery, and a chicken with crinkly wings. Additionally, pushing the watering can activates a rattle sound, providing auditory stimulation for the baby.

  2. Easy Attachment and Versatility: The hanger can be easily attached to a playpen or crib using the included cotton strings, allowing for flexible positioning. This feature ensures that the activity hanger can be conveniently placed for the baby's exploration and play.

  3. Developmental Stimulation: The activity hanger is designed to stimulate the baby's hand-eye coordination, encouraging them to reach out and interact with the various elements. This developmental stimulation is beneficial for the baby's growth and learning, making the hanger both entertaining and educational.


  • Minimum Age: 0+ Years
  • Product Weight: 0.2 kg


  • Product size: 85 x 140 x 280 mm

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